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Sound-Based Stress Reduction ™ Session

Presented by Sound Response Wellness

Available anywhere in North America
Duration: 1h
Led by an expert
Available in: English

The Experience

Relax with an immersive and therapeutic soundscape listening experience from the comfort of your home or office. Naturally reduce stress with a live online sound bath and guided meditation session featuring a soothing combination of quartz crystal singing bowls, metal singing bowls, voice, chimes and other instruments from around the world.

What you'll need

- A comfortable place to sit or lie down - Pillows, blankets to ensure a cosy experience - Headphones or ear buds, if preferred

About Sound Response Wellness

Co-founded by Laura Notton, a registered social worker/psychotherapist, and Nicole Manes, communications specialist and certified sound therapy practitioner, Sound Response Wellness provides online and in-person sound therapy, wellness and mental health services for workplaces, private groups and individuals. Their personalized and interactive Sound-Based-Stress-Reduction™ workshops and sound bath expriences incorporate a combination of using sound and other stress-reduction techniques.

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January 2021
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Available times

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Per participant: $58.00

Total: $116.00

Upon purchase, we'll send you a calendar invite and a link to share with participants to sign up.

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