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Kombucha 101

Presented by Revolution Fermentation


Available anywhere in North America
Duration: 1h
Materials shipped to participants
Led by an expert
Available in: French, English

The Experience

This hands-on workshop will give you the basics you need to easily make your own kombucha and understand the process. You will learn how to make it successfully every time, how to flavor it to your taste, and how to make it sparkling. You will discover the types of sugars you can use and how to make a very low sugar or very fruity version. This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as for those who already have experience with fermentation. You'll receive a kombucha scoby (mother) and a special tea with instructions. We will cover an introduction to fermentation and how to create your kombucha (materials, ferments, mistakes to avoid, adding flavors, preservation, etc.). At the end of this workshop, you will have everything you need to get started! Kombucha is a delicious, lightly fermented, sparkling and super healthy drink. Embark on the fabulous adventure of fermentation! It's simple, fast and delicious.

What will be shipped to you

- Kombucha mother - Special tea ideal for kombucha

What you'll need

You will need hot water, sugar, and a large container, ideally glass. We provide the rest!

About Revolution Fermentation

Jean-Luc Henry is the co-founder and CEO of Révolution Fermentation. Jean-Luc is an educator and entrepreneur specializing in ecological solutions. For nearly 20 years, Jean-Luc has been particularly interested in the fields of food production (permaculture and small-scale agriculture), local self-reliance and sustainable food consumption. He has created and co-founded projects and enterprises such as Ekopedia, the Movement of Artisans of Change, Mycelium and Révolution Fermentation.

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Per participant: $85.00

Total: $425.00

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