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Bagel Making

Presented by The Bread Class


Available anywhere in North America
Duration: 2h
Materials shipped to participants
Led by an expert
Available in: French, English

The Experience

Learn the art of making authentic Montreal bagels. You'll learn all about different flour varieties, how to properly knead the dough, the steps that set bagel-making apart from other breads, and how to top your bagels with your favourite seasoning. You’ll finish the class with 4 warm bagels and the knowledge to make more!

What will be shipped to you

Dry ingredients for the bagels: - Yeast - Bread Flour - Diastatic Malt Powder - Salt - Toppings (sesame, poppy, and all dressed)

What you'll need

An oven to bake the bagels and these simple cooking materials: - 1 large and 1 small mixing bowl - Large pot - 1 baking sheet - Parchment paper - Measuring cups and spoons - Honey - Oil (ideally canola, sunflower, or vegetable)

About The Bread Class

The Bread Class, run by Will Paquet, is Montreal's favourite bread making workshop. We focus on hands-on classes that leave you with tips, tricks, & your own personal creations.

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Per participant: $80.00

Total: $320.00

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